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Adamus 60-Second Workout

In Shoud 9 of the Walk On Series, Adamus pointed out that by spending “60 seconds every day in awareness of your body, you can get the same results or better than in a one hour physical workout.” He went on to say:
“For those of you who just want a body conditioning, what we call toning, in every part – your muscles, your bones, your organs, every part of you – 60 seconds is all it takes. It’s 60 seconds of awareness of your physical being. Awareness that you are a physical being. You’re not your body, but you’re in a body. That’s all it takes, and there’s no stress in it. There’s no having to think about different parts of your body. It’s just, “I exist in a body.” And then you feel your whole body as an observer, 60 seconds of I Am awareness in the physical body. That’s all it takes. You start doing this a few times and suddenly you’re going to realize that there is some new communication, magic happening with your body. It’s suddenly going to start waking up.”   
If you choose to allow this experience, please let us know your results. We’ll compile all feedback from Shaumbra and share the results in an upcoming Shaumbra Magazine. Thank you!
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